ACT San Antonio
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

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Fall 2017 / 2018 Activities


Office hours: M-Th 10-5 pm

Call today for an application appointment held Monday - Thursday.

Appointment times: Monday 2 pm, Tuesday 10 am and 2 pm, Wednesday 2pm, and Thursday 10 am. Evening appointments are available on the first Wednesday of each month at 6 pm.

Once you secure employment, you need to call the office so we can schedule you in for Internship Orientation.

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

  • August 28 -First day of school for most schools
  • September 4 - Office closed for Labor Day
  • September 6 - Deadline for October Institute - evening classes
  • October 9 -12 and 23 -26 — October Institute - 6-9 pm
  • October 9 -Office closed for Columbus Day
  • October 14 - Fall test reviews - 9-3
  • November 1-15 -Accepting applications for 2017 Clinical Teachers
  • November 20 - 24 -Office closed for Thanksgiving
  • December 18 -January 2- office closed for Christmas Break
  • January 10 - Deadline for February Institute - Evening classes
  • January 15 - Office closed for MLK Day
  • February 12 – 15 and 26 — March 1 February Institute - 6-9
  • February 19 - Office closed for President’s Day
  • March 12 -16 - Office closed for Spring Break
  • April 14 -Spring Test Reviews - 9-3
  • May 9 - Deadline for June Institute
  • May 1-15 - Accepting applications for Fall 2018 Clinical Teachers
  • May 28 - Office Closed for Memorial Day
  • June 11 - 14 and 25-28 — June Institute - 6-9
  • June 13 - Deadline for July day institute
  • July 4 – Office closed for Independence Day
  • July 11 - 14 July Institute

Need Observation time?

Do you need assistance in setting up your 30 hours of field based experiences?

The first and best option is for you to gain field based experiences as a parent volunteer at your child's school. Chances are, you have already been cleared to be on campus as a parent, and you can contact the campus directly and set up parent volunteer hours.

If that is not an option, you will need to apply to a district for observation hours, and each district has a different procedure.

You will need to email Carol Maki ( with the following information:

  • What district do you want to observe in?
  • Provide the names of two different campus' where you would like to observe.
  • Carol will send you an email with the specific district application procedures.
  • Once the required paperwork is complete, the district will notify ACT that you have been cleared for observation.
  • Carol will then send you contact information for you to call and set up dates / times for observations.

Some districts will only allow observations in high need areas, some districts may take up to 2-3 weeks to reply with approval.

Be patient and we will notify you as soon as approval comes in.

Program NEWS - 9/12/2017

September 2017

We are cleaning up folders! Since we keep our candidates active for 2 full years, you may be hearing from us soon to check your status ;and see how we can help you move to JOB READY!

Take ALL your TExES tests via PACT BEFORE you sign up for the training component.

Since there is a 5 test limit on each teacher certification exam, it is important that you contact our office with your test results. ACT will be offering remeditaion opportunities after every unsuccessfull attempt to help you pass your exams. Documentation of these remediation efforts will be necessary should you reach your testing limit and decide to apply for a testing waiver with TEA.

Once your training component or field based observations become 5 years old, you will need re-do both activities to remain current. Please notify our office to discuss your options. Our office will keep your file active for 2 years which is plenty of time to compelte the requirements to look for a teaching position. We will only keep files in the "inactive status" for one year before we professionally dispose of your information.

EC-6 CORE and 4-8 CORE - Read the Preparation manual carefully to make sure you understand the options for retaking subtests.

Considering Clinical Teaching in Fall 2018?

Clinical teaching is a 14 week placement with a fully certified teacher and is open to any ACT candidate that has completed all the requirements (including field based experiences!) This option could be especially beneficial to candidates that have passed all their testing requirements. Complete the application from our website and turn it in at the office.