ACT San Antonio
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

Core Values - ACT Central TX

Accelerated, Alternative Program

ACT Central TX provides a proven and research based preparation program developed on sound educational philosophy and pedagogy. This accelerated program provides an alternative route to teacher certification without additional university coursework.


ACT Central TX is committed to providing extensive support and feedback to our first year teachers through collaboration with program staff, campus administration, and trained campus mentors.

Teacher/Student Success

ACT Central TX believes in "Students First" - for the candidate, our focus is preparation and support for a successful first year; for the classroom student, our priority is to assure quality classroom instruction for maximum student achievement and learning.


ACT Central TX believes that successful teachers are caring, dedicated, and nurturing. Our program supports these qualities through various program components that provide on going professional development and growth.


ACT Central TX provides access to the teaching profession through a program staff that makes itself readily available to Personnel Directors, Campus Administration, Mentors, and individuals seeking teacher certification.