ACT San Antonio
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

Why Choose ACT?

  • Everyone in our office is a certified teacher, administrator, or has been an instructional assistant or substitute teacher. We feel that a program must really know the education system before it can prepare successful teachers. (other programs are run by people that have never been in a classroom)
  • The majority of our training is done face-to- face, in small groups (22:1) by actual classroom teachers according to your certification area (Other programs save money by training in large groups 200:1)
  • Our training program is specific to your certification area
  • Our curriculum is NCLB approved and guaranteed to be in alignment with the educator standards.
  • Each candidate will be assigned a Field Supervisor that is available to them round the clock. (other programs have "coaches" or "advisors" that only show up once or twice a year to offer guidance)
  • All of our Field Supervisors are certified classroom teachers - totaling 650+ years of experience in the classroom and TTESS trained. Each candidate will receive a guaranteed minimum of 5 classroom visits and meet monthly with a small cohort (10:1) for on-going professional development and support throughout the first year.
  • Because our Field Supervisors spend so much time on your campus, ACT has been proactive and completed a background check on each of our Field Supervisors to be in compliance with SB 9.
  • ACT offers review sessions and tutorials for TExES exams tests at no additional charge to our candidates. In the 2014-2015 school year, ACT candidates had a 99% pass rate on the PPR. (Other program set candidates up for tests for which they are not qualified - causing candidates to spend excessive money on exams. They also charge for reviews and materials.)